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What legacy do you want to leave behind? How BIG are you thinking?
May 3, 2014
Safe spending for mental health
November 17, 2014

Oh yeah baby. I can hear the subliminal sexy thoughts around the number of this post now. But have you ever considered it as a type of yin yang symbol, perfectly symmetrical? 69, not so much in text but handwritten with beautiful curves. So how does this relate to health and wealth? Well chances are you don’t fall in love with someone who has the same financial background or beliefs as you do. You may disagree with how money should be spent and whether your current path to retirement is adequate. Let me scare you a little by saying you need about $750,000 of unencumbered, appreciating assets if you want to retire on about $50,000 per year (if you don’t want any of that $50,000 to go on repayments, nor your asset base to be eroded as you age).

Having just spent 3 months travelling the USA and Canada, I can say that wherever you are, you face very similar financial choices. And there will be those who are financially comfortable, enjoying glitz and glamour if they choose and those sleeping on the streets, homeless and hungry, all within close proximity of each other. So who do you WANT to be? Who WILL you be? 2 different questions requiring different actions (one just wishing, the other requiring affirmative action). Talk in depth with your significant other before making BIG emotional or financial commitments as this will save you much heartache. You may even choose to reap the rewards of premarital counselling (often recommended by experts). I say do not marry for love alone but do not marry without love. Work out each other’s strengths and weaknesses and work as a team. May you find the yin yang in your financial and romantic relationship. xx

PS If you scroll through the previous posts you’ll notice there were 50 lessons before the 18 shares, hence this post makes 69 😉


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