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100 TIPS for More Love & Less Debt   $9.95

Yes there’s a lot out there on how to save money but these tips will also save you time, improve your relationships and keep you in good health. It’s how I live my life and I offer these to you with a 10 fold money back guarantee. If you do each of the tips just once and don’t think this has saved you at least $1,000 (ie 100 times the purchase value) I will give you back $100 (that’s a 10 fold money back guarantee).

Or you could be like Liz who followed Tip 103 (yes there are bonus tips ;-)) and saved herself $800 with just 2 phone calls. I look forward to hearing your results xx

THE BEDSIDE GUIDE TO S&M: How to have Sizzling Sex & More Money in your Relationship!

This bedroom activity book covers those two taboo topics we weren’t formally taught, yet cause the most angst in relationships. For singles and couples, it explores various ways you can improve your sexual and financial performance and has been called “worth its weight in gold”.

Leave your doubts behind, open your mind and be ready to enjoy the ride!

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Cash Flow Club (CFC) Facilitator and Mentor package   $59.95

Start a social CFC club in your area. Like other clubs that come together to practice a skill, the CFC focuses on having fun while learning about financial health. Use it with family, friends or in the workplace.

You receive:

  • One hour Meeting Plans for 12 weeks
  • Facilitator notes and Handouts
  • The Bonus Mentor Pack that guides Mentors and Mentees through 1 on 1 meetings
  • Different information that can be shared between the CFC and Mentoring process

The Basic Budgeting Package   $89.95

You receive:

  • An Excel Template, Running sheet, Actual and Future Options tool
  • A Cheat sheet and Demonstration “Let me play and learn” tool
  • 2 phone calls to help you:
    • Set up the Templates and explain the BB Process
    • Check in a few weeks later to make sure you’re up and running smoothly
  • No knowledge of Excel required.

 Whip Your Wallet into Shape in 6 weeks   $165.00

This self paced course includes:

  • The Basic Budgeting Package above
  • A 6 week Schedule of Activities including:
    • Retraining the brain
    • Making money fun
    • A Simple Spending Plan
  • An additional phone call totalling 3 calls evenly spaced at your chosen times

Personal coaching: 3, 6 or 12 month coaching.

  • You receive all of the above plus fortnightly phone calls and unlimited support. Yes, between scheduled sessions you are supported if required, using whatever means is required
  • Payment plan available

Remember that our mind is our greatest asset. Don’t treat it like a bin, filling it full of cr*p. By nourishing it, you will nourish your whole life including your wallet.

If the above seems too risque then check out the information in line with government accredited training via our sister company (the PG version) at