For The Planet

Let’s face it. If we don’t take care of our environment we won’t have anywhere to play, earn money or do business. For this reason contribution is a large part of YMM’s culture.

How passionate am I about making a difference? Well having been given the ultimatum by a client,
I relinquished a $35,000 contract in 2010 to run as a NSW Senate candidate. While I did well, I learned that politics is not the only way to make a difference.

Leading by example I incorporate healthy living and sustainability into presentations based on experience. I've left bequests in my will, sponsor and donate often because THERE IS ENOUGH to go round. Have you thought about the bigger picture?



Are required to produce the amount of oxygen required by ONE, yes JUST ONE adult. Some say 8 but that doesn't count the pollution they have to process. Have you brought 22 trees into the world with you?

World ranking

While Australia ranks as the 52nd most populated country we rank as the 4th highest for emissions.

World ranking

This gives us the 7th largest ecological national footprint. Not an area that we should be proud of punching above our weight.

Thousand square kilometrres

Over the next 15 years Brazil aims to re-forest 120,000 km². Yay!!