What Is Financial Bondage ?

  • At the Personal level

  • At the Organisation's level

  • At the National level

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Making Finance Fun For

  • The Employee

  • The Employer

  • The Country and the Planet

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Who, When, What & Why

Australian Army

In 2002 as an Army Officer on Long Service Leave, with 8 part time jobs and 3 negatively geared investment properties, YMM developed the Basic Budgeting process. Her clients have been using the process since 2004.

Australian Government

After a 2004 Discussion Paper requesting submissions on worldwide financial literacy research, the Australian Federal Government promoted workplace financial literacy training, touting benefits for employers and employees.


In 2011 due to their above national average results, National Financial Fitness (YMM’s PG rated company) is selected for the small Australian Securities & Investments Commission Panel of Financial Literacy Experts.


YMM has presented to over 16,000 people and personally trained over 6,500. In the 2010 election she received more primary votes than the Hon Matt Thistlethwaite MP in NSW. This proves the level of community support for YMM.