About YMM

Healthy Mind, Body And Wallet Training

As a young girl YMM was nervous about public speaking.

However by finding her passion she found her voice and in 2011 was invited by Eddie McGuire to be on stage with Sir Richard Branson in front of 8,000 people in Melbourne, Australia.

Her cause? Healthy mind, body and wallet training. Because there’s no point in being financially fit if your mental and physical health, along with your relationships, are a cause for concern.

And of course having fun while getting her message across is her specialty.

Sir Richard Branson asking me to whip the MC's butt in front of 8000 people
As the Director of National Financial Fitness

Life’s Not About Managing Money

With good old-fashioned country values, prior to becoming YMM, Larissa’s professional experience included Defence, Federal Police and Personal fitness trainer.

These experiences taught her that physical and other achievements are preceded by mental strength, and our greatest strengths are revealed when outside our comfort zone.

Her little brother taking his own life threw her so far out of her comfort zone she found herself asking the “deep” questions of life and took two years to come out of the fog. Redefining herself as YMM, she now thanks him for the best kick up the backside to wake her up to what’s really important.

She learned the true value of money is in being able to buy back your time, spend it with loved ones, live life to the fullest and contribute to the bigger picture. Indeed the more money we have the more good we can do with it. 

Life’s not about managing money but like most things, it’s easier when it’s fun!

She Has Worked With Federal, State & Local Government

An international speaker and author with a Diploma in Financial Services in Consumer Education, YMM is the only Australian with this qualification. Other formal qualifications include a BSc (Mathematics), a couple of Certificate IV qualifications and a few other pieces of paper, however it’s life experience that gives her credibility.

She has worked with Federal, State and Local Government, private and community organisations, as well as numerous business owners, as Larissa from National Financial Fitness (NFF) and YMM.

Described as the Energizer Bunny, as if she’s been hit by lightning and retained the energy, YMM loves to make people laugh while they learn. Her three passions are the environment, education and the economy.

Having left full time employment in 2002 YMM’s goal is to show people how to live in harmony with Mother Nature which she has had some success with so far. In December 2013 she moved to 300 acres and you can view the humorous side of this story here.

If you’d like to book YMM please call 1300 Whip It (1300 9447 48).