Bad Debt Bootcamp®


This Trademarked Bootcamp increases your level of financial fitness, regardless of your start point. It’s Financial coaching that has you balancing your budget with the loves of your life, be they people, travel, expensive hobbies or the dream of living in a bush cabin.

We cover

  • The Psychology of Money (our greatest barrier to building wealth)
  • Why Procrastination is Expensive
  • Subconscious limiting beliefs
  • How to Retrain our Brains for Success (and enjoy money managment)!
  • How to Dominate the Different types of Debt
  • SMARTER Goal Setting
  • How to discuss money with your honey
  • The unique Basic Budgeting Process that saw Julie, a single Mum of 3 buy 2 investment properties within 2 years and Caitlin pay off $12,000 and save $5,000 all within 5 months!

This course delivers information from a nationally recognised qualification and all attendees receive a Take home pack including:

  • Your Debt Demystifier
  • Your Simple Spending Plan
  • A Scenario Budget
  • A Wealth Check up
  • Your 10 Point Action Plan
  • Lucky door prizes

A Money back guarantee applies, that no one has availed themselves of since 2004. This is because the financial trajectory of their lives and the lives of their loved ones has changed for the better, forever! Check out for testimonials of others who have Whipped their Wallets into Shape!

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And yes, refreshments are provided.

Date & Time:

Saturday, 24 March 2018

10 AM to 4 PM


Level 1, 3 Parkland Blvd Brisbane

Opposite the Park

Brisbane City

Men and their money. Partners welcome and preferred.

2018 Dates TBA

This 3 hour interactive session is specifically designed for men and women who are not easily offended. Ideally, partners also attend as any plan is best achieved when Team members know their own strengths and weaknesses, and how they can work together.

It covers tips for communicating about cash flow, as well as general differences between men and women. By adjusting our perspectives and seeing our differences as complimentary we can achieve great things. Guaranteed to be fun, eye opening and improve performance, both at work and at home.

Participants receive a Take home Play Pack including a copy of The Bedside Guide to S&M: How to have Sizzling sex and More money in your relationship.

Canberra visits via Sydney

Twice a year (normally in April and October), YMM does her “out of the woodwork” southern road trip. If you would like a personal consultation or for her to present to a group just Request this well in advance.

Previous regional locations include Goulburn, Grafton, Mittagong and Port Macquarie.