Visiting Canberra

Dates: 19th-21st November 2019

As Your Money Mistress flies into Canberra to teach on 19th November for a private company she is staying for a couple of days to catch up with anyone who would like to. If you’d like to catch up or have an appointment (individually or for group training), she will be available on Tuesday and Wednesday the 20th / 21st November. YMM will then be back sometime around 12 months from now 😉

More details can be found here and remember that National Financial Fitness (NFF) and Your Money Mistress (YMM) consults are tax deductible due to the general investment information that we cover. An appointment is 2 hours and you need to book before 16th November so she can bring your Financial Fitness pack, as well as send you the Pre-Appointment Questionnaire.

If you’d like to call her direct on 0412 1800 01 to answer questions you’re most welcome, otherwise you can complete the Booking form here (individuals place NA where appropriate). Please note you need to confirm the Entered details and Security check for the form to be submitted.

Men and their money. Partners welcome and preferred.

2018 Dates TBA

This 3 hour interactive session is specifically designed for men and women who are not easily offended. Ideally, partners also attend as any plan is best achieved when Team members know their own strengths and weaknesses, and how they can work together.

It covers tips for communicating about cash flow, as well as general differences between men and women. By adjusting our perspectives and seeing our differences as complimentary we can achieve great things. Guaranteed to be fun, eye opening and improve performance, both at work and at home.

Participants receive a Take home Play Pack including a copy of The Bedside Guide to S&M: How to have Sizzling sex and More money in your relationship.

Canberra visits via Sydney

Twice a year (normally in April and October), YMM does her “out of the woodwork” southern road trip. If you would like a personal consultation or for her to present to a group just Request this well in advance.

Previous regional locations include Goulburn, Grafton, Mittagong and Port Macquarie.