Onsite Services

Please note all Onsite Services come with a money back guarantee.

Men and their money. Partners welcome and preferred.

This 4 hour interactive session is specifically designed for men and women who are not easily offended. Ideally partners also attend as any plan is best achieved when Team members know their own strengths and weaknesses, and how they can work together.

It covers tips for communicating about cash flow, as well as general differences between men and women. By adjusting our perspectives and seeing our differences as complimentary we can achieve great things. Guaranteed to be fun, eye opening and improve performance, both at work and at home.

Participants receive a Take home Play Pack including a copy of The Bedside Guide to S&M: How to have Sizzling sex and More money in your relationship.

Bad Debt Bootcamp®

Generally run for groups over a number of sessions the aim is to increase your level of financial fitness, regardless of start point.  We cover:

  • The psychology of money
  • Different types of Debt
  • The Basic Budgeting Process
  • Why procrastination is expensive

You can see how damaging the Chains of Debt are here, while the benefits of Bad Debt Bootcamp® for individuals and businesses can be found hereFitness centres and health professionals are welcome to offer this, either co-branded or branded as their own.

Tailored consultations

This is a 2 hour session requiring completion of documentation prior to the session. Upon meeting (via Skype if necessary) we examine the best methods for you to achieve your desired goals, be they financial or otherwise. By the end of our meeting you have a 10 Step Plan (10SP).

You also receive:

  • The Bedside Guide to S&M: How to have Sizzling sex and More money in your relationship
  • The 100 Tips for More Love and Less Debt
  • The Basic Budgeting Excel spreadsheets
  • An S & M Take home Play Pack
  • A copy of all notes made during the session
  • YMM’s Recommended Reading List & Courtesy Contact List
  • 2 x One hour follow up phone calls to ensure you’re completing your 10SP

The Money Mistress Menu

This is purely for group training or speaking engagements. Choose from one or three hour presentations and combine topics for a full day. Takeaway Play Packs are at the discretion of the organiser.

Fee depends on numbers, location and whether the organisation is not-for-profit. Download the menu here.