Making Finance Fun

Why bother making it fun?

Because without fun managing money becomes a burden.

Remember learning about dental health? We had cute toothbrushes, colourful toothpaste and maybe a quirky song, making the process enjoyable.

Once enjoyable a habit becomes more sustainable.

How do we make it fun?

By replacing (sometimes subconscious) negative associations around money with positive connection and beliefs.

That's why YMM links what you enjoy to the skills required for good money management and makes sure you laugh while learning. Yes sometimes adult themes are mentioned, but always in context of improving money management.


At the personal level if individuals are mentally, physically and financially fit they make sound financial decisions and take time to be conscious consumers. They will be able to spend on healthier lifestyle options affecting children and the planet.

Research also shows we get the same endorphin rush from spending money as we do from being in love, so people with healthy intimacy are less likely to spend money trying to fill the void that can only be truly fulfilled by healthy connection.


At the business level employees who are mentally, physically and financially fit are assets to the company. By learning to manage their money better employees are given an indirect pay rise, supporting businesses in their recruitment, retention and succession strategies.

From personal experience I chose my physiotherapist because she is relaxed (only working 2 days a week) due to being financially fit, and has the time to keep up-to-date with the latest techniques. This allows the practice to employ other physiotherapists giving it a level of revenue protection as well.


At the national level if individuals are financially independent, able to retire early, this creates a pull through for employment. This maintains income for the nation and a level of financial allocation for those services that may otherwise suffer.

With time and money financially fit individuals are able to contribute back to society and invest so as to protect our country's resources. Australians who are financially literate can also invest overseas, again contributing to our country's assets, as well as protecting the planet's natural capital.

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