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Organisation and individual testimonials are below. I've been remiss in collecting them but Word of Mouth works best for me. They ARE real, not like those that are paid for. If you’d like to speak with any of them you’re sincerely welcome to ask for their details and contact them yourself. Their lives have changed for the better and we hope yours does too!



Workplace Training Testimonials

  • We asked Larissa to present as Your Money Mistress following a staff member seeing her speak previously. Bringing a fresh approach to teambuilding via discussion of a sometimes taboo topic, money, she demonstrated the link between financial health and work performance. Interactive and entertaining she was able to focus on skills for staff that then transferred to enhancing our clients’ experience. Larissa is the real deal and we look forward to having her back again.
    Program Manager
    Southern NSW Barnardos
  • Our members found these briefs to be an excellent introduction to budgeting and feedback at all levels has been positive.
    Financial Fitness
    Federal Government Department
  • It was fun and interesting. Look forward to receiving the CD so I can get started. Have even convinced the hubby it’s a good idea!
    Debt: The Good, Bad & the Mortgage
    Federal Government Department attendee
  • Fantastic seminar series. More like these to come please!
    The Basic Budgeting Process
    Federal Government Department attendee
  • Please bring Larissa back for other modules. Maybe a mindset and time management module might be good to have.
    The Basic Budgeting Process
    Federal Government attendee
  • This sort of thing is really useful - maybe refresher sessions once a year or something.
    Debt: The Good, Bad & the Mortgage
    Federal Government Department attendee
  • Your Money Mistress addressesd our gathering with humour as she explained how intimacy and personal financial health affects productivity in the workplace. Her entertaining, novel approach to these sensitive topics enabled the audience to relax and learn as her pearls of wisdom gave much food for thought. We look forward to having her back again.
    Bondi Chamber of Commerce

Individual success stories

  • Thank you for the newsletter and for adding me to the subscriber list. I am very happy with what I learnt during your presentation at IP Australia last month. Also you are such an inspirational speaker with a lot of charisma, knowledge, enthusiasm and practical advice. I already have started some of the things you suggested. Easy! Thank you Larissa.
    Kind Regards and All the Best to you.
    Happy Basic Budgeting Client
    Ewa Nilsson
  • Just wanted to say a massive thank you for all your help. I wanted to let you know that since the course (5 months ago), I've been sticking to the spreadsheets, recording what I spend. I've managed to pay off my $12,000 credit card debt and I've now got $5,000 in my savings account! I'm so proud of myself and soooo happy. So thank you and yes, you can use my testimonial. I want the world to know! LOL
    6 Day Course
    Caitlin Pearson 2012
  • I’m so glad I won this instead of the photos! Given the fact that money issues so often underlie relationship breakdown, learning how to tackle your finances is much more important than a pretty picture to hang on the wall.
    2006 Wedding Expo Basic Budgeting Prize winner
    Tamara Ellemans
  • After living my life fairly closely by the spreadsheet for almost a year now 2 fantastic things have come from this. The 1st is that I've not had a single financially stressful day since! This has been worth a million dollars to my peace of mind - thank you! The 2nd is that I'm about to reach the big goal I stated on the forms you got me to fill out - I'm in the process of buying my 1st investment property!! I thought this kind of thing was for rich people only but thanks to the Basic Budgeting spreadsheet I'm on my way. Thank you again!
    2004 Personal consultation
    Julie Wood (2005) who still uses the sheets today, just like YMM! xx
  • I was on a single parent pension looking to break the cycle. While I found the course enjoyable the best part was a little unexpected - working out WHY I spent money when I didn't need to! I'm so excited now and want to thank you for helping me get past the need to spend money to fill a void. I still have a little owing on the car loan but the credit card is completely paid off and according to the spreadsheets I'll be able to buy a house by the middle of next year (2016)!
    Whip Your Wallet into Shape in 6 weeks
    Noelene George 2015

Book reviews

  • Did your new year’s resolutions include statements like 'I will manage my money better' or 'I will improve my love life'? Well, have I got the book for you....How to Have Sizzling Sex & More Money in Your Relationship is a bedside guide to improving your relationship both fiscally & friskily. Designed to be read with your partner/s it includes tips, activities and useful advice. The author, Your Money Mistress, is a Dominatrix with a difference, training people in the skills required for a healthy mind body and wallet. Banking and bonking are cornerstones of a good relationship and this book will help you to hone your skills in these important areas.  
    Australian Sex Party Book Reviewer
  • Hello YMM, I finished your book last night... and was extremely impressed. You effortlessly jump between helpful information, kind hearted spiritual 'big picture' thinking and humour! There were times when I was laughing my ass off... Very endearing humour with funny observations on the common traits of each sex. Bloody funny...

    I was in a 5.5 year relationship in my early 20's and could have used this book! Yes you’re cool. Teasing in all the infinite ways... petrol station idea? My god yes.  And the 'worshipping' part - that’s how I like to communicate and display the effect the right person can have on me.  Keep it up ... you’re special!
    Stu G, Brisbane
  • "I wish I had read your book 20 years ago. It's light hearted and doesn’t confuse with detail. I'm glad our local library saw the sense in buying four copies."

Happy Client
Venetia Major