Larissa Zimmerman is Your Money Mistress (YMM). Since she bought her first property at 21 and talks about sex like she does the weather (i.e. pragmatically), people have been asking her about sex and money (S & M) since the early 1990s.

If after reading the following your curiosity still needs satiating then please get in touch.

1 Why do I combine intimacy and money?
Because these are the two main stressors on a relationship and Relationships Australia show that bedroom antics and bank balances are linked. Indeed research shows you get the same endorphin rush from spending money as you do from being in love.

And let's face it, we've all heard the comment about a colleague or customer either "getting some" or "needing some". You know what I mean (wink wink). This shows that our private lives do have some influence on our public lives.
2What are the flow on effects?
By delivering taboo topics such as mental health, intimacy and money in an entertaining way my talks start conversations. Workplace and personal relationships have improved thus affecting more than just the participant. In fact one participant's partner decided to go off the disability pension when he realised they wouldn't have enough for retirement.

Research also shows that fraud, compensation claims and domestic violence are linked to financial strain at home. By providing holistic financial education the likelihood of these events are reduced.
3How do I make it palatable for all tastes?
By gauging the audience's experiences and expectations at the beginning, plus discussion with the Event Co-ordinator, I tailor the talk appropriately.

The main aim is not to offend, as that can hinder learning. However by pussy footing around an issue, people stay stuck in Financial Bondage and that doesn't help anyone. As an experienced international speaker I am able to relate to most demographics.

Also, by the age of puberty we have some knowledge of sex and money. Generally 16 is the minimum age however it is the caregiver's decision whether to bring younger attendees.
4Can you be my boyfriend’s birthday present or my boss’s farewell gift?
Indeed! One woman who had been told by a friend to come and see “this woman with a whip”, walked into the room and sat at the back obviously disdainful of my thigh high boots.

At the end of the 2 hour session she was the last one there asking questions like “when will you next be in Canberra? If you dress like that I’m sure my boyfriend will come along.”

And who wouldn’t love to see their boss ankle cuffed, handcuffed and blindfolded as we explain how we unwittingly get into financial bondage. Of course we then demonstrate how to escape financial bondage, all the while having a laugh while we learn.
5Do I offer Gift Certificates?
Most certainly! There have been a few clients where their sisters, in laws or landlords have paid for them. There was one gentleman who owed his friend money so his friend paid for him to see me.

It obviously worked because this gentleman ended up buying 100 acres just 15 km down the road from the 300 acres where I am. What’s hilarious is that we saw each other in a professional setting in Canberra in 2009 and the next time, we'd parked our cars next to each other in a country town of New South Wales 5 years later.

I guess the message is that a YMM Gift Certificate might be the best life changing present you can give someone!
6What is the YMM money back guarantee?
I have been teaching financial literacy since 2004 and offered a money back guarantee from Day 1, which no client has ever asked for. I am so confident that you will receive many times the Purchase value that some products offer a 10 fold money back guarantee.
7Am I a Financial Planner?
No I am not. Despite being asked by clients to offer advice, both financially and as a Marriage Counselor, I choose to stay away from highly regulated and ever changing red tape areas.

I am however the only Australian to have studied the Diploma of Financial Services in the stream of Consumer Education. This qualification came out in 2006 but is no longer available. It means I can teach you about investing but I don't do it for you. My other qualifications include a BSc (Mathematics), Cert IV Training & Assessment, Cert IV in Fitness (Personal trainer) and a few other pieces of paper.

Being selected for the ASIC Panel of Financial Literacy Experts and achieving the results I do is enough. Entertaining education is my passion.
8What do I mean by relationships before revenue?
On a personal level I want to connect with you because if you alienate someone you lose the opportunity to help, or learn from them. On a business level it's about you, my client and if you have them, your customers.

Sure, money's important but people come first. This information needs to be disseminated as soon as possible because, as we've seen by legislative changes, the Government is concerned about it's ability to support the populace in future. That's why I have low entry point products. If you're concerned you can't afford Group Training give me a call anyway. I'm a south west Sydney girl originally so I have a soft spot for organisations helping those that are doing it tough.

Lastly, if we're financially relaxed, we won't bicker over inheritances, pay rises and separation settlements. Yes I'm speaking from personal experience.
9How damaging are those chains of debt, really?
First you must determine whether the debt is good or bad debt. An example of bad debt is if you have a $10,000 credit card debt at 12%. If you only pay the minimum repayments, it will take 30 years to pay off and in that time you’ll have paid $9,700 interest. Now that’s damaging!