What legacy do you want to leave behind? How BIG are you thinking?

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March 19, 2014
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September 8, 2014

Granted I’ve never had children but I’d happily give a lung to my 7 yo nephew who has a lung condition making him 1/100 in Australia with mortality high into his 30’s (after that things get easier apparently). & 10 yrs ago last month my little brother took his own life. Yes life throws curve balls at us to see how strong we are. Remember though to be flexible because something strong & rigid, breaks. And strength comes from knowing oneself, asking the hard questions like “why are we here” and “are we spending our time on what’s most important”? By knowing what’s important to us (ie our values) we can focus our time & money.

Yes having money helps us through the difficult times too (ie being able to take time out from work, give money for medical expenses or take family away on holidays). Once children leave home, those who financially can, may volunteer or foster children. Research has shown that contribution greatly improves happiness. The key is to look ahead, think BIG and prepare yourself financially for the time that you can give back. What legacy do you want to leave behind & how BIG are you thinking?

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