Play Point 86: Five weeks from Cairns to Perth via Sale, Vic (AUS) or Niagara Falls to LA via Pt Canaveral, FL (USA)

USA trip
September 26, 2019
(Not a Play) Point 87: What’s the good news surrounding the Australian fires?
January 16, 2020

That’s what Mum and I did. It had been planned for a couple of years and taking her on her Bucket list trip was an early 75th Birthday present. Losing my brother to suicide in 2004 taught me that if we manage our money well we can spend more time with loved ones. My last words to him had been “I’m busy can I call you back?”

And I did leave a message the following night but will never know if he got it. So now I’m never too busy for loved ones. With time being our most precious resource, the less money we spend the less we have to work and that means more time we have to spend as we please. Yes it’s a balance.

So Mum and I travelled as sustainably as we could. We kept airline cutlery and serviettes as well as hotel soap, so we didn’t use “more”. Yes they were tense moments but there was also hilarious laughter and we developed a deeper understanding. I lost my cruise virginity sailing into Hurricane Dorian and really feel for the people of the Bahamas. In Mexico a man was honest when I asked if the maracas were made in China so I bought one anyway, as a thank you for exhibiting one of my highest values.

Playing Perfect Match on the ship I realised I was a little different. When asked what would you do with $1 million, the others said buy a car and buy a yacht. I said buy a piece of the Amazon 😉

Then the Grand Canyon! Wow! It was my second time there (just like Niagara) and each place was better the second time round. We went to the West Rim and with a fear of heights both mum and I lost our Zip-lining virginity. Amazingly Mum who is even hesitant on my 12th floor balcony in Brisbane, had less qualms than me on both Zip lines. Embarrassing as it was, it turned out that the fear was completely misplaced because once I stepped off the platform the Zip line was actually a LOT of FUN! So my plan when next in Vegas, is to Zip line from the Stratosphere to see how going over the concrete jungle compares to nature.

Just a tip of the iceberg of the first Bucket list trip (apparently Hawaii and Alaska are also on her list). Memories created for a lifetime and money well spent. So what’s on your Bucket list? And when will you start experiencing it?

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