Play point 84: 6 weeks into the New Year. How’s your Financial Fitness? Is it supporting the New You?

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January 28, 2019
Setting Your Financial Goals for 2019
March 22, 2019

Life is for living, not being stuck like the rat on the treadmill going in circles. So what did you plan for 2019? Chances are it involved money. Often our goals are (in)directly linked to money. Even if it was just to spend more time on oneself we know that time is money. To take time out means you aren’t earning money (unless you have passive income which is another topic).

Money is just like a licence. It gives you freedom to go places and do things. Financial fitness means you can spend time and money on your passion, spend money on loved ones, create memories and live life to its fullest. On your deathbed I doubt you’ll wish that you spent more time at work.

New financial vision – How can you change your habits?

Research shows that personal financial health affects a person’s workplace productivity. You can find references at and at

So, what do you do? Well apart from asking your employer to run workplace training which is an increasing trend, adopt the motto More LOVE – Less DEBT!! You see research has also shown we get the same endorphin rush from being in love (with life or someone / something), as we do from spending money. So get your Fix of Feeling Fantastic from Being in Love with your life! Start with a healthy connection with yourself. And how do you do that?

You go inside yourself to find out your values, what matters most to you and what gives you the greatest joy. Without worrying about what others think. Ensure you’re being honest with yourself and then have a clear, communicative channel with all those who matter to you. When you interact with others from a place of authenticity, everything flows more smoothly and people will feel that easy energy radiating from you. For some it may feel uncomfortable at first but your WHY will keep you going. Your newfound truth will actually provide relief.

Changing old habits become easier if you replace them with new ones, such as instead of jumping online to shop go into your bedroom / garage / happy place and look at all the wonderful things you’ve already bought. It may just show you how many purchases you made that weren’t necessary too. The main thing is to replace your old habit. If you just try and resist it by continuing your current activity that may work but a habit indicates that something needs to be done.

And herein comes the concept of Financial Fitness! Often times we spend money to fill an emotional void. So if you’re in a mood, then make a move. Meaning if you’re feeling low, get up. Go for a quick walk, dance to a song and if you’re in a confined space you can always clench body parts and release a few times. Your mental state will change for the better.

Get personal clarity and improve cashflow, at work and at home

Two other C words I like, Clarity and Cashflow. If you’re clear about what you want it will be easier to achieve. With a clear head you’ll be assertive when it comes to others pushing your financial boundaries. Which can happen at work. Think about who’s turn it is to buy coffee or what car that person drives.

Businesses gain a lot when they have a financially stress free workforce. They’ll be less susceptible to fraud, won’t see employees leaving for higher paying jobs (meaning added recruitment costs), nor an employee spending time on their finances at work. If you’d like more information on how to have Financial Literacy delivered in the workplace go to either or


  1. Barry Moore says:

    Putting what matters up front is so often not done correctly. Investment in time and in your health is so important rather than buying material gadgets … which are temporary fixes to your needs. Budget and buy the luxury items but value a few items over the many that beg for your attention. Sell the many items you have bought to finance something you really would like and enjoy. Change is always better than sameness too.

    • Larissa Zimmerman says:

      Great points Barry. Yes have special toys but as a wise person (not me ;-)) said, “if all your life you buy lots of stuff at the end of it you will have stuff all”. Thank you for commenting and feel free to subscribe to the Blog to get the first chapter of my book for free xx

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