Safe spending for mental health

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September 8, 2014
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January 15, 2015

Yes money matters but what matters more is mental health. And here’s the catch. If you’ve had a family disaster, if you’re stressed, if your work performance is faltering and you want time off to relax or deal with the issue, what’s going to help you? Money. In the extreme if you’re at risk of losing your job, yet you’ve adhered to the general financial rule of having 3 months of living expenses easily accessible, then you can take that break even if your boss threatens dismissal. It’s a great position to be in knowing you don’t need your job. However most people aren’t in that situation.

So this festive season, while there’s lots of cheer there may be challenges too (family or financial stressors). Remember that presence is more important than presents and practise “safe spending”.  Build up that 3 months of living expenses as a buffer that is ultimately beneficial to your mental health. May you enjoy this festive season and start 2015 with a clean bill of mental, physical and financial health!! Love and kisses, Your Money Mistress xx

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