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14th share (after 50 lessons, 4 years in & semi retirement?)
September 3, 2013
16th share: Get set for 2014!!
January 24, 2014

If you’re working out what to do this Christmas to make it memorable and life changing why not sit down as a family and do a Strategic visioning exercise? I know a couple of families that do it. They all sit down on the lawn or at the table and work on their individual and group goals. And goals based on our own values are more achievable than goals we think “we should be aiming for”.

Values are key aspects of our lives that are important to us because they give us a sense of well being, balance and direction. For example physical and mental health, partner and other relationships, financial security, connecting with Mother Nature, contribution and even laughing. To work out your values just look at what you spend most of your time on. If it’s not on the things you think are important then there’s a disconnect and you may feel out of alignment and stressed. For example you say family’s important but you can’t find the time to spend with them. You may think working longer hours for more money will help but is that really what they want. If you asked them if they would be happy with a little less spent on Christmas and more time with you, they’d probably take the latter (especially if you explained the benefits to yourself of being more relaxed and fun to be around too). Hence the title of this post 😉

So set your BIG picture and interim goals and realise that there are different paths to the same result. Clarity helps too. Something I’ve known for a while but found hard to solidify. Being happy with life in general, I didn’t have a clear picture of how, who with and where I was going to have an eco friendly home. Well now I’m moving to a cabin on 300 acres with a  generator, water tanks and two drop toilets. So there’s a LOT OF WORK to be done and I could have chosen not to proceed, but let’s face it, we’ll generally regret what we don’t do. So next time I write I hope you’ll have worked out your values, enlisted the help of loved ones and be on our way to achieving your goals! Of course you’re welcome to share here too!! Til next…xx

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