16th share: Get set for 2014!!

Presence is more important than presents
November 20, 2013
17th share
March 19, 2014

Okay, as the newsletter’s a lengthy one this will be short. For 2014 just spend 2 minutes thinking about how 2013 went. Then do less of what didn’t serve you or your higher purpose and do more of that which did – simple! I’m letting go of worrying and doing more of being present and trusting that all will be ok (plus a few more) ūüėČ

Now, if you never consider something seriously it will continue to be a joke in your life (perhaps like money in 2013). So....if you came up with a million dollar idea and found funding to develop it, what would you do if you received the following profits:

a.  $10,000

b.  $100,000

c.  $500,000

d.  $1,000,000

e.  $5,000,000

It will be interesting to see how you and significant others would spend or distribute the profits and of course the first step to creating your reality is thinking¬†about it. Would love to hear¬†what you’d do with the money so please comment or send me a private email. Here’s to a magical 2014!! xx

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