lesson 49: less stuff means less stress

lesson 48: do you really want family & friends to go into debt for you?
November 8, 2011
last lesson: From now on they’ll be “Shares”
December 21, 2011

If you’re cleaning stuff out to make room for more “stuff” over Christmas, remember less stuff means less stress. Don’t fill the space! Let the energy flow and see how your improved external environment affects your internal environment (health & headspace). If you have less stuff, you don’t need to dust it, find it, fix it, replace it or insure it! Nor do you have to pay it off! Have a couple of “nice toys” but spend your time, effort & money on financial security items (real wealth) instead of trying to look wealthy. This ultimately gives you the freedom to be there for loved ones when it counts, and  spend comfortably into the future.

Have this discussion with significant others so you all have a stake in the rewards of “healthy, happy family members who can semi retire in their 40’s”. Yes it’s hard if bad habits have already manifested but the longer you leave it the harder it will be. Use the GFC as an excuse if you have to 😉

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