lesson 48: do you really want family & friends to go into debt for you?

lesson 47: Are you stretching yourself?
October 13, 2011
lesson 49: less stuff means less stress
December 1, 2011

So you’ve liked the Face Book page, you’re listening to the radio shows, you’ve signed up for the newsletter at Financial Fitness and you’ve completed the survey to get your complimentary gift. Have you told your friends about these resources? Please do so as getting the cashflow conversation started is half the battle. With 6 weeks til Christmas, have you written a list of people you want to buy for and how much you want to spend? If the total amount divided by 6 doesn’t equal an amount you can save each week, you need to tweek your numbers, talk to the people on the list and modify your mindset. No-one wants their family and friends to go into debt for Christmas.  Solutions include just buying for children, making it a Family Fun Day where the money spent goes into food and entertainment or travel to a central point. Start the conversation as to how this can be the most Financially Fit Festive season you’ve ever had!


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