last lesson: From now on they’ll be “Shares”

lesson 49: less stuff means less stress
December 1, 2011
Share 1: How can you get 650% return on your money?
January 30, 2012

Yes, in 2012 they’ll become Shares instead of lessons. Sharing social capital instead of capitalism 😉 So now…. Give the GIFT OF TIME TO YOURSELF! As we paradoxically wind down while emotions run high this festive season, remember it happened last year and will again next year. If you’re happy with the way things are that’s great!! If not, aim for one area of improvement (eg the way you interact with a family member or the credit card bill in February).

Most importantly, give yourself at least one hour (preferably a day) between Christmas & New Year to reflect and create. Look at how far you’ve come (what ended & new beginnings) and how you will shape 2012 (what you’ll change & what you’ll keep doing). Set an EXAMPLE for those around you. If children want to watch as you “BRING YOUR DREAM TO LIFE”, ask them to be quiet, let them have their own sketch pad and textas, and have them do the activity too. Maybe have music and your favourite food, be in a park or by water and relax! Make sure, as you plug into this natural energy, that you look at your finances: what has been the change in the bank balance and nett equity? Look at the numbers with calm, realising they are only part of the BIG picture. Would love to hear when / where you plan to do this. For me, it will be a place called Razorback near where I grew up that I have not stopped at for years – the lookout looks over Sydney & the Blue Mountains. Have a great Xmas & Fantastic New Year!! xx

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