lesson 45: don’t spend your health trying to build wealth

lesson 44: Listen to your radio tonight ;-)
July 14, 2011
lesson 46: Who do you think your most important relationship is with?
September 13, 2011

A recent hospitalisation had me questioning the power of the mind. Why couldn’t I recreate the healing I’d read about in books, instead of having to crawl on the floor because my body’s lack of balance was causing nauseous? I had a new appreciation for my inner ear and decided to listen to my body. So I slept days and nights, remembering the saying “Some people spend their health building wealth only to have to spend their wealth regaining their health.”

While this wasn’t me, I did have time to think about the small business that I thought might become big business. Yes I want to make the world a much better place. Yes I want to provide jobs and see people financially independent, without concern for food security. But where do you draw the line? Think about where you would draw the line if suddenly you couldn’t work. Would you forgo the new TV or holiday? Would you do a budget and look at your financial affairs? So what’s stopping you from doing that now? Indeed look at these questions now and realise that your wealth is all about what’s on the inside. When you cultivate this internal wealth, your financial affairs improve because you don’t waste money on unnecessary purchases. You already love life, needing little else.

PS Thank you to my father who bought the prescribed drugs needed when I wished I was unconscious. May no-one ever have what I did (still undiagnosed but now at least, no more than a memory).


  1. Hello Zed,

    Yes I too and lyed completely still for many days in a row until the drug Stemetil took effect which I have had in the past taken on a daily basis for sometimes up to 2 weeks.
    When you are lying with nothing else to do but sleep and then sleep some more you become ever sooooo grateful for all the little things that you could do before.
    My vertigo comes on after illness being over tired or stressed!
    Yes it is true that a lot of people spend their time creating wealth instead of health.
    Keep smilin
    sheryl miller

    • Hi Sheryl,

      Thanks for that. Yes we do take so many things for granted. That’s why I’m loving the GFC. I hope it brings us back to connecting with neighbours and nature, talking, tickling and healthy lifestyles. xxx

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