lesson 44: Listen to your radio tonight ;-)

lesson 43: What are your new Financial Year focii?
June 27, 2011
lesson 45: don’t spend your health trying to build wealth
August 16, 2011

It’s easy to get caught up thinking either 1. you’re the only one with a money situation (or other personal problem) as bad as yours, OR 2. everyone’s in the same boat so what’s the use?

Well, listen in tonight to 100.3 FM (yes you can stream it via www.2MCR.org.au). From 10pm EVERY Thursday Your Money Mistress will be hosting More Love & Less Debt, talking mind, body, wallet, as well as relationship tips. Connect on the Face Book page More Love & Less Debt to ask your questions, have a say and request songs. See you on the airwaves 😉 xx

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