lesson 43: What are your new Financial Year focii?

lesson 42: New financial year means new habits
June 10, 2011
lesson 44: Listen to your radio tonight ;-)
July 14, 2011

Every 6 months I do strategic visioning, looking at what has happened in the last 6 months and where I’d like to be in 6 months, both personally and professionally. I look at what I’ll focus on with laser like intensity. So, with my mother suddenly going in for a quadruple bypass today I remembered the saying “Don’t spend your health trying to build wealth, because then you’ll be spending all your wealth to regain your health”.  Luckily my Mum has a healthy heart, full of love and wasn’t trying to build wealth. It’s just the arteries around the heart that need fixing. And I’ll be there when and where needed. I could spend more time working, increasing revenue but for many years I’ve said family comes first.

So when you look back will you be happy with what you focussed on? And what are your top three focii for the next six months? Yes I’m happy when I look back and for the next three months (because my health is already subconsciously running well), I’ll be focussing on:

1. National Financial Fitness Licensees (www.financialfitness.com.au)

2. Getting Your Money Mistress into the mining and building industries (www.yourmoneymistress)

3. One strategic alliance in each business stream.

I look forward to hearing what yours are (here or privately). xx

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