lesson 40: retraining the brain

lesson 39: the gift of time or money
April 14, 2011
lesson 41: Adopt an attitude of gratitude & see me speak
May 17, 2011

Neuroscience shows that we can retrain our brain by practising thoughts & skills. This means our association with a word such as money or credit card can be changed. To start with we need to identify those words that have a less than positive reaction in our body, then we can …

set about working on our connection with them. So write down a word / words you’d like to change the meaning of (eg tax time). Now this is where some effort’s required. Write down the positives to this word. (eg if it wasn’t for taxes we wouldn’t have clean drinking water / schools etc).  Then for maximum benefit, you need to practise this new neural association daily by saying out loud (in the  bathroom if you must) “I’m so glad I’ve completed my tax return because….

In Australia, we do a tax return for the year ending 30 Jun and of course you can apply this process to anything. Once you’ve done the easy words try the hard ones like ex-partner, lawyers (sorry guys but you’re used to it), bank fees and maybe even the word intimacy. Right now as it gets cooler  I’m saying “I enjoy the cooler weather because I can have more hot chocolates.”

There’s more on my new Face Book page More Love & Less Debt. The old “Your Money Mistress” page was removed by Face Book so please let’s show them that the More Love & Less Debt message is supported. Thank you.

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