lesson 41: Adopt an attitude of gratitude & see me speak

lesson 40: retraining the brain
May 3, 2011
lesson 42: New financial year means new habits
June 10, 2011

Ladies & Gentlemen.
My new Face Book page (More Love & Less Debt) would love you to like it! There’s more opportunity for interaction, as well as more frequent tips. Soon, details of my free talks in

Canberra (19th May) and Sydney (25th May) will be up on the page. And the News & events page on www.yourmoneymistress.com has a flier for Canberra. NOW, to your attitude of gratitude. Last night I attended the NSW Premier’s first Community forum and heard the plight of the homeless and disadvantaged – one story in particular pulled the heart strings. So if you have a roof overhead and food on the (coffee) table you are doing much better than many Australians (indeed than a lot of people worldwide).

By being GRATEFUL you are conditioning your mind to be positive. This automatically allows you to hear conversations and see opportunities that will improve your situation. This is because the Reticular Activating System (the “gatekeeper” to what goes into your conscious allowing you to “pick up on things”) will have been stimulated positively. If you have a negative attitude the RAS will filter out the positive and let you see just what you expect (more doom and gloom). So Adopt your Attitude of Gratitude and let me know your thoughts – here or preferably on the Face Book page  http://www.facebook.com/pages/More-Love-Less-Debt/168810139839502 Thank you! xx

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