lesson 39: the gift of time or money

lesson 38: Think BIG!!
March 23, 2011
lesson 40: retraining the brain
May 3, 2011

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For some Government employees it’s payday today in Australia. They may have a few hundred dollars until next payday but they all have 336 hours until the next payday in 14 days, just like every living creature on this planet. So what? Well are you wasting your time and /or money? Indeed the reason time costs money is because it’s our most valuable resource as I’ve said before. For the next 7 days record your time expenses. If you “waste” your time (ie surfing the net for an hour) then that is effectively throwing money away. If you spent that hour investing in your head (the greatest piece of real estate you will ever own) then you’ll be able to stop working for your money sooner, as it will be working for you.

To help you get started here FINALLY are the two revamped websites:



Would love your feedback! Until next, may you have more love and less debt! xx

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