lesson 11: Party time!

lesson 10: Digging deep
November 23, 2009
lesson 12: Thou SHALT not spend when..
December 6, 2009

Having just thrown what many said was a fantastic Cocktail party, here are a couple of tips. Of course feel free to share your tips for the Festive season too.

a.  While I don’t often look at junk mail, if you are going to do a large shop, write a list and look through the different brochures. Alcohol and fruit can vary greatly between shops on opposite sides of the road, and sometimes the smaller specialty shops are cheaper.

b.  Instead of having pizzas delivered which ususally results in wastage, buy bulk frozen ones and then spread them out over the night (adding your own toppings too). This also gives the more shy guests a reason to walk around and meet others (by playing “offerer of food”).

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