lesson 10: Digging deep

lesson 9:check the (scanned) price
November 15, 2009
lesson 11: Party time!
November 29, 2009

As we know, our experiences are created by our thoughts, words and actions. And our beliefs are the thoughts we have over and over again. For example, you have to work hard to make money, only people who know people or have an education deserve money, people with money and in business rip other people off.

Unfortunately we can often be misguided in our beliefs due to adopting those of our caregivers when young and impressionable. Indeed our caregivers were doing the best they could. However I challenge you now to seek out the good examples of people with money. Start thinking and saying “the more money I have the more good I can do with it.” Let’s see how big an impact the collective consciousness can have.

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