10th share: New year – new habits

9th share: How do you get people to take effective action of the information learnt?
November 28, 2012
11th share: Would you like to walk “naked” across Sydney with me?
March 4, 2013

Wow – 2 months since I last posted! So much has happened and I always want to give you the best I can. Right now, as always at this time of year, reflection on the past and what we want to create in the future can give us mixed feelings. We might be excited by the clean path ahead and yet concerned as to whether we’ll actually achieve our goals / stay with our new habits. Without going into all the science behind adopting new habits, let me suggest what I consider an absolute MUST (although 10 years ago I would’ve thought the following words were for weirdos – no offence intended). Each day and more than once if possible, PLUG into the universe! Let the universe do the work! And if you’re a scientist like me I’m talking about that part of the electromagnetic spectrum we haven’t discovered yet, that energy that allows “coincidences” to happen.

Each morning during my mini meditation, then late afternoon when relaxing with mocha & biscuits and then as I’m going to sleep I repeat the words “Be still, Go empty”. I’m focusing on stilling my mind and body. Once I feel relaxed I create a picture in my mind that my body resonates with (eg speaking in front of 8,000 people, getting “that” phone call or seeing my bank balances as I want them to be). Once I feel all excited like when we were little waiting for Santa, I know I’ve got the right picture. I call it a Mental Orga*m and I’ve actually trademarked the term. And while not every picture occurs the way I saw it the outcome is in alignment with my intent. I WAS invited on stage with Sir Richard in Oct 2011 by Eddie McGuire, I DID get that phone call and most of my bank balances are already there 😉

SO.. Whip your wallet into shape this month by adopting one crucial habit for less than 3 minutes a day!! I’d love to hear how you go!  And please share this if you like it – the sooner we’re all financially literate the sooner we can semi retire so everyone has a job 😉 Thank you xx

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