11th share: Would you like to walk “naked” across Sydney with me?

10th share: New year – new habits
January 23, 2013
12th share: S&M Taster
May 19, 2013

Remember the fable The Emperor’s New Clothes? Where the Emperor and his Ministry don’t want to appear “unworthy” so they pretend they can see the “fine, invisible cloth”. The townsfolk also pretend to see it as their egos are at stake if they don’t. It takes a young boy who hasn’t been “conditioned” and isn’t concerned with other peoples’ opinions to state the fact that the Emperor is in his underwear. SO.. I’ve submitted a Proposal to Premier O’Farrell’s office on his request (he played the Emperor as a child at school – what coincidence ;-). The aim of the walk (in sarongs / tasteful underwear) is to raise awareness of issues that are important to the people AND possible solutions, because we should never complain about something without posing a solution. In line with the NSW 2021 goals (however you can come from any state and relate it to Australia as a whole), there will be a submission put to the Premier / States at the end of the walk of all the “Peoples’ Solutions”. Date is TBC but if you’re interested please email me, contact me via the website www.yourmoneymistress.com or comment here. Thank you – I look forward to having you along! And now the S&M tip: If you haven’t already, clean out your wallet and treat it like the valuable vessel it is for keeping your wealth safe (ie if it’s tattered it may indicate how little you value money). xx

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  1. If you’ve subscribed to the National Financial Fitness newsletters at http://www.financialfitness.com.au you’ll know that at this point the walk across Sydney is still in the planning stage. I have so many fingers in so many pies at the moment that this may be a few months away (although the election may happen first). I’m definitely not letting this go (just like selling my motorbike and it taking 5 yrs before I had another). I do not let what’s important to me, get left behind (ie it will happen 😉

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