share no 72: At 43 I’m still improving the model of ME.

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January 15, 2015
Daily pick me ups
May 25, 2015

I turned 43 this month. Does that mean I’m wiser? Indeed I do feel more experienced given the last 12 months of living in the bush. The tree change tribulation (ie snakes, lack of power etc) are expressed here. It’s a short story and funny I’m told, although I can tell you the whole situation almost did beat me. I was ready to give up. My 3 months overseas trip had me thinking of many other options.

But as I sit here drafting this post (yes I have to drive away to get internet and thus post this post), with birds singing and a wallaby nearby, I realise I’ve come a long way. If I’d run back to suburbia I’d just be returning to familiarity, not necessarily something I really enjoy.

So where are you, physically and in your life’s journey? How have you improved in the last 12 months? One friend thought I was into Personal Development too much and said I should just be happy with who I was. Is it a paradox that I am happy with who I am (someone who is content yet likes pushing limits and learning more about themselves)? Yes I have learned to slow down, meditate AND appreciate the basics like fly screens on our new cabin windows. I’ve learned that you can’t actually know how it will feel when you have something. You might think you know but there’s still a fine line between visualising and the real experience.

Also, there can be withdrawal symptoms when leaving the rat race. And sometimes our dreams require much more effort than expected. This is the test of our resolve. And lastly I’ve realised that it’s flattering to be hit on by a guy half your age but wiser to say No thank you. Indeed life’s too short not to smile and have fun. So I guess I am wiser. Tell me, what have you learned in the last 12 months? xx


  1. Pip Marks says:

    Just read your post re living in the bush. Have you ever thought of a bicycle blender for making smoothies?!

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