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March 21, 2015
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July 28, 2015

As mentioned in the latest newsletter (you can sign up at, daily mantras can be very helpful in keeping focus. Just like nursery rhymes brought joy to us as children, creating a personal mantra for yourself can bring joy and align you with your goals. You’re welcome to modify the two I share with you here (one for my part time business and one for life in general). 

I am a shining example.
Of what I teach I have ample.
My mind is full of wisdom as I teach others to rule their own kingdom.
For this I am paid yearly, at least 90 thousand dollars.
Which is little of the value I bestow upon others.

And the second is:

I, Larissa Zimmerman, am a beautiful individual.
Pure positive abundance surrounds me.
I have incredible energy and amazing wisdom, and I am a sought after leader filled with generosity and love.
My creative mind connects with the collective consciousness as I attract all the resources required for my businesses to pay me at least X dollars by 30 June / 30 December (I change it each six months).
I am also dedicated to making this world a better place where all creatures live in harmony with Mother Nature in their own separate safe places. I have faith in my ability and the support of many loved ones and every day I am becoming healthier and wealthier, financially and otherwise due to enriching the lives of others.
I revere you higher power and request guidance, as guardian of wealth, how best to grow and distribute it. Please higher power, for the greatest good of all concerned, please show me the way with ease. Thank you. I love you 😉

So it’s a bit of fun connecting to the unseen (ie photons of light which science shows, react differently when they’re being observed as to when they’re not). While I don’t believe in a “God” I do believe there’s more to the influence of Science on our lives than we currently know. I’d love to know your thoughts on what helps keep you focussed!

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