lesson 37: Your success & status symbol

lesson 36: sexually transmitted Debt
February 16, 2011
lesson 38: Think BIG!!
March 23, 2011

A couple of weeks ago there was an article on news.com about BMW chasing people who could not afford their $1000/wk repayments. There were comments from readers saying it was the car purchaser’s own fault, as well as comments about the cost of cars in Australia compared to overseas and how people perceived others as successful.

Well how about writing your own definition of success? Do it now. Write “I am successful because ….” It could be that you have beautiful, healthy children that know they are loved. Or it could be that you spend a couple of hours each week on you and loved ones. Perhaps all who meet you thank you for being a shining light of joy, always with a smile or good for a laugh.

Those who have read earlier posts know that I offered my nieces and nephews the World vision catalogue and they chose the toilet (having studied disease in science). So why can’t our status symbol be how many people we’re saving overseas? If child sponsorship costs $40/mth then $1000/wk could save 100 children! We need to change our thinking or we’ll end up suffering due to due social “norms”. Have an awesome, non materialistic week! xx

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