lesson 34: Take a break, I am

lesson 33: Ho Ho Ho How far will you go?
December 3, 2010
lesson 35: New year already gone
January 28, 2011

After the hectic shopping & social occasions, it’s time to reflect on the year gone by and what’s ahead. One of Branson’s hobbies is creating his future and I always spend at least half a day this time of year with pencils, textas, paper & calculator, just imagining possibilities and noticing what ideas give my body that tingling feeling. When you work out your path of purpose, you have unlimited energy and synchronicity occurs.

Don’t forget you need to put food on the table (you don’t NEED that new car), so work out how you can make money from your passion. Do a Scenario budget for your current situation & your ideal. Don’t try and stick to the Scenario – that’s unrealistic. The Scenario gives you a start point to see how you’re travelling. It’s the Basic Budgeting process that manages the bottom line which is all that’s required (contact me for more information).

In order to achieve your goal you may need to relinquish some luxuries in the short term, but the short term pain leads to long term gain. Your Scenario will reveal where you can save. So…MERRY, wealthy (in all senses of the word) CHRISTMAS & I’ll “see” you mid January. xx00

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