lesson 27: There’s an election on down under!

lesson 26: Two weeks into it. What have you done?
July 16, 2010
lesson 28: All about ‘E’s
September 3, 2010

So what does this have to do with money? Everything! From whether the leaders lead by example (think children following in parents footsteps) to wasting money on propaganda (think how money may be wasted around your home). Everything is relative. People think they NEED something when really it is a WANT. So how can we change?

Well the greatest change comes from within. Yes it can be hard but take responsibility for your thoughts, words, feelings and actions (as well as reactions).  As Einstein said ‘You can’t solve problems with the ways of thinking that created them’. So start thinking differently about your money. For example, see it and treat it as a driver’s license…something small in size that gives you choice and freedom. Or draw similarities between good money management and your favourite hobby (eg having to be 360 degree aware just like riding a motorbike).

Just like an athlete in training your mental strength is your greatest asset!!

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