lesson 20: Don’t wear the emperor’s new clothes

lesson 19: let people practice on you
March 27, 2010
lesson 21: support charity & have a smoother move
April 18, 2010

If you remember the tale of the Emperor being tricked into wearing invisible fabric, think about the modern day version. Large organisations employ psychologists for their marketing ploys and we allow ourselves to fall prey to our peers. If the herd you’re moving with doesn’t suit your long term financial goal ask them if they want to change direction (ie have occasional dinners out and more parties at home, don’t use shopping as entertainment, etc). If they don’t (even after you casually mention the frightening figures of what they need to save for a comfortable retirement), find a new herd.  That’s how you’ll be able to walk down the street in years to come in designer clothes instead of relying on the old age pension (if indeed it exists then).

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