lesson 19: let people practice on you

lesson 18: Start Bipolar jars
March 8, 2010
lesson 20: Don’t wear the emperor’s new clothes
April 5, 2010

When it comes to grooming, we humans can spend a lot to make us look and feel good. And every professional stylist we go to had to start somewhere. Next time you need, make that want a massage, haircut, facial or other beauty treatment, try your local college or beauty school. The cost is considerably less, the students take care and you’re giving someone practice and can help further by giving constructive feedback. This applies for all ages and genders.


  1. Michele says:

    Just grow your hair! I have saved so much and need a cut every 3 months now instead of every 6 weeks!!

  2. Thanks Michele! I agree, especially in the colder climate plus I’ve heard that men like long hair 🙂 It actually used to be the times my sister and I caught up – when she’d trim the back of my hair (a straight cut), followed by a coffee together. Then I’d do the fringe and friends that hadn’t seen me for years would say it’s great I hadn’t changed. They’d say I still look the same and fantastically young!

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