lesson 15: think of the children

lesson 14: Succeed with your New Year financial goals
January 18, 2010
lesson 16: What does your wallet say about you?
February 9, 2010

Last week I was playing Aunty Lissy. I taught primary (or elementary) school children how mathematics appears in Mother Nature and was talking with other teachers and parents. While there is no official method or time to start teaching children about money, it is recommended that you introduce them early to the concept of being able to earn money and pay for items.  Show them the different coins and allow them to purchase small items when out shopping, recognising the price. As they show understanding of the information, continue to feed them more. Children are sponges and of course the more they learn, the better.


  1. Jacquie Tewes says:

    I recall not being very good at teaching my kids about money – I think its hereditary! I agree, children need firm lessons in money management and their parents need to set a good example. It will pay off as they grow and manage to save the money they need for all sorts of things, like a car, house etc.

  2. Jady says:

    No coamplints on this end, simply a good piece.

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