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September 29, 2015
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January 21, 2016

If you’ve happened across this post without knowing me or linking from the newsletter let me put it in context. I LOVE life and am generally very positive, to the point where an ex boyfriend said “You’re so happy it makes me sick” which of course spurred me on to be even happier LOL And I’ve been nicknamed the Energiser Bunny.

This, my alter ego of YMM, looks at our relationship with ourselves, our partners and our money in an adult, risque and fun way. I like to stimulate thinking and discussion….so I’m going to say “I LOVE MONEY”. I am not obsessed by it but I will remove myself from people who don’t agree that the more money you have the more good you can do with it. And at times it’s

been my savior.

Such as when my brother took his own life in 2004. An almost indescribable event that I now thank him for as I learned so many lessons and woke up to what’s really important, due to the biggest kick up the *ss of my life ;-). Money helped me through the fog by allowing me to take time off work and take my sister on her first overseas holiday. Thank you money!

Then, after moving to the bush in Dec 13 with a wonderful man who had jokingly proposed (and I felt the same level of commitment), we found our raw, ugly selves. When we were good our families had never seen such a perfect couple having so much fun and achieving great things. But with the stress of snakes potentially around every corner and sleeping in a tent to feel safe, with minimal facilities we found our worst selves. Being an ex -Army officer seeking enlightenment I over analysed and looked for the spiritual lessons. I stayed knowing he liked the book I’d written, thinking we were compatible and learning new ways to resolve conflict. I probably tried too hard and as a psychologist friend said, what we did, some couples take years to do and some never do. Indeed watching TV with no test of love can go on for years. I won’t go into the DV details which we were both responsible for and I’d like to think we’ve both learned a lot. I know I have and again my gratitude to money has been strengthened.

Money made it possible to be sitting in a room with cornices and skirting boards, with electricity at the flick of a switch. It’s amazing how my subconscious relief can be felt through my body. I’m no longer a coiled spring waiting to unleash. So…if you think you shouldn’t love money, think of a relative you’d love to visit before they die. Think of all the good you could do for friends if you had a little more money. There’s nothing wrong with aiming for more, provided it’s obtained and spent in alignment with the “greater good”. Thank you for reading and I appreciate your comments (link at the top under the heading). xx

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  1. Jazlynn says:

    Heck yeah this is exaclty what I needed.

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