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February 22, 2012
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April 24, 2012

“Why can’t I budget?” There may be a few deeper reasons for this so the general answer I can give is because:

a. You don’t think it’s fun
Solution: Make a half hour date with yourself and any significant others (ie Money Mondays, Wealth Wednesdays or Finance Fridays) and create the environment (eg grab your favourite food, laze on the floor, favourite music, colourful paper, calculator etc). Reward yourself for taking the first step of your healthy habit with a foot massage or bubble bath or leaving the housework to play with the children instead. You have 168 hrs a week to play with so prioritise your long term security over short term cleaning that will still be there and can be done next week. On your deathbed you’ll be glad you had money for hospital care as opposed to being glad you cleaned the house (again) 😉

b. You don’t have an exciting goal you’re aiming for
Solution: What gets you bursting out of your skin with excitement? When have you felt this in the past? Cut pictures or colourfully draw what you want. Imagine you had the financial security to do this for the rest of your life and share it with others! If it’s buying something like a house go to open houses. Each morning before getting out of bed and each night for 3 minutes, visualise what it feels like (what can you see, smell and hear when you’ve achieved this goal?). If it doesn’t excite you it’s not the right goal.

c. You think you have to stick to a budget
Solution: It’s completely unrealistic to say you”ll spend the same amount every week. The Basic Budgeting process we teach is simple and very effective like velcro. Live by the spreadsheets, not your bank balance and just keep the bottom line positive. Contact us via or to find out about a Queanbeyan course starting 27th March and Campbelltown NSW course starting 2nd May.   

There is so much more that could be said but I’ll open it up. Please share your thoughts and questions too. Thank you and may you have a great month!!

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