Play Point 79: When you’re torn, what do you do?

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June 28, 2016
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August 16, 2016

Recently my gorgeous little nephew, as I was saying goodbye, ran around the house locking the doors so I couldn’t leave. Yes there is a connection between us since he was born 9 years ago. Having not yet had children through my own choices, and because of his medical condition, time is precious with him. So I find myself seriously torn between wanting to move closer to my family and a few other choices. I guess I should count myself lucky for being in such a position with the many options. However it really has been tumultuous as I try to balance the heart and mind.

Being ex-Army, having to scrutinize the enemy, create at least three solutions and then justify your own course of action, it’s easy for me to over analyse. I think of the saying “Let go and let God” but I wonder if this just perpetuates stagnation. What has helped is taking a mental health day, whereby I’ve tidied up my external environment, gone to yoga and taken time to sit, purposefully not trying to think of anything by saying the mantra “Be still, go empty”.

So I still don’t know the answer and there’s no time frame within which I have to make a decision. What I do know is that it is easier to take stock of your financial situation and any future implications, at this time of year. The end of the fiscal/financial year in Australia on June 30 is an ideal time to look at your finances because there’s no pressure like the festive season.

There are many decision-making tools and I welcome your suggestions. Lastly, am I the only one who gets excited by the New Financial Year?

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