lesson 8: Give it the twice over

lesson 7: can you control your cards?
November 1, 2009
lesson 9:check the (scanned) price
November 15, 2009

If you want (or dare I say need, given I’ve just had the clutch go on my car), to purchase something and you’re not sure if you should buy it, think about it at least over one or two nights. For example, if it’s over $1000 you may think about it over 5 nights. So pick an amount and practice the saying “If it’s over $x it’s overnight.”

So what have I done about my car? Well instead of spending time (which is my most precious resource) over the next couple of weeks looking for a new one and perhaps making a rash decision, I’m actually excited about spending $1,700 fixing it so I can paint it!! I’ve always wanted to paint a car so this will be it – my nieces and nephews will be able to play too and it will be the funkiest little Mazda 121 you’ve ever seen. Of course it will only be worth $70 scrap metal in the end, but the fun of painting a car! Plus having more time to look and negotiate a new one.

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