lesson 32: The whipper becomes the whippee

lesson 31: a stitch in time
October 27, 2010
lesson 33: Ho Ho Ho How far will you go?
December 3, 2010

I’m a week and a half late in writing this! That’s what happens when you move house, office and then realise you need to rip the carpet up because the lingering pet and smoking smells remain. So should I discipline myself? While we like to self talk ourselves into negativity (some say it’s human nature),  I believe my saving grace has been that I’ve saved myself $2,000 on the floor overhaul.

At first the interest free option of the larger store seemed enticing, until I did my research and calculations. By going through a wholesaler, learning about the different products and getting an independent layer, I’ll still be saving $2000 by paying up front. A good practice to get into is asking “How can I get this same quality & service cheaper?” And as I type this the boy from across the road is mowing my lawn for a nice sum of pocket money. I paid $120 the first (& last time) when I moved in. Now the boy, his parents and I are all happy.

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