6th share: Financial New Year Resolutions

5th Share: How much money do you need in retirement?
May 29, 2012
7th share: Blending finances after previous relationships
August 13, 2012

Another question on our survey requested hints for staying true to your convictions. Without going on for days ūüėČ here’s a quick list:

  1. Work out what you want with clarity¬†(ie already believe is within your reach with a¬†bit of stretching ūüėȬ† Picture it with your eyes closed & how everything will smell, feel and taste etc¬†when you achieve it. Create a vision board (with your picture in it)¬†to support this & more importantly KNOW WHY you desire it. The¬†WHY is more important than the HOW.
  2. Have positive statements / questions everywhere & say them morning & night.¬†One of my short ones is “Why is it that today, like everyday, I am connected to my purpose & the source of unlimited abundance?”
  3. Create the bank statement of your dreams by writing in your desired amounts & visualise logging in and seeing it there.
  4. Believe in the unseen¬†EG the electromagnetic energy attracting and resonating with what we send out. Seriously I’ve had a $50,ooo contract come out of the blue that had no logical lead up (ie an old acquaintance I haven’t had contact with in over 20 years heard of me through the grapevine).¬†So just believe that things will happen when you’re in alignment.
  5. Habit is everything & baby steps are more sustainable so adopt small changes which will snowball. Have a mutually supportive person you’re accountable to & remember that just like physical fitness (diet, exercise & other),¬†achieving your goals incorporates attitude & belief, practical daily actions¬†including budgeting, & incorporating a balance between internal and external wealth.
  6. And the bonus tip is get along to one of our courses or have a look at¬†the resources at www.yourmoneymistress.com and www.financialfitness.com.au¬†¬†¬†¬†Have a great New Financial Year!! (or mid Fiscal year ūüėČ xx

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