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March 8, 2010

lesson 18: Start Bipolar jars

From the book The Present by Spencer Johnson, start a negative jar. Put a dollar into  the jar every time you have a negative thought and see how much your thoughts are costing financially, as well as emotionally. Alternatively start a Mental Orga*m jar (the Mental O is that brilliant feeling where you think your body’s going to burst at […]
February 22, 2010

lesson 17: Build a credit rating with no credit

Here I’m talking about the old lay-by method. More people are seeing the value in putting a deposit on an item and then paying it off in instalments. This way you can build a good reputation with the store (as one client has) and you value and appreciate the item more once you’ve paid it off and are able to […]
February 9, 2010

lesson 16: What does your wallet say about you?

It’s still New year”ish” so get yourself a new wallet or clean the current one out. It’s an indication of how you value your money if you keep it in a nice “container”. Just like you take care of what you value (be it loved ones, a sentimental object or the latest gadget), start to take care of your money and your wallet. Tidy it […]
January 26, 2010

lesson 15: think of the children

Last week I was playing Aunty Lissy. I taught primary (or elementary) school children how mathematics appears in Mother Nature and was talking with other teachers and parents. While there is no official method or time to start teaching children about money, it is recommended that you introduce them early to the concept of being able to earn money and pay […]