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November 17, 2014

Safe spending for mental health

Yes money matters but what matters more is mental health. And here’s the catch. If you’ve had a family disaster, if you’re stressed, if your work performance is faltering and you want time off to relax or deal with the issue, what’s going to help you?
September 8, 2014

sensual (Yin Yang) number 69 blog post

Oh yeah baby. I can hear the subliminal sexy thoughts around the number of this post now. But have you ever considered it as a type of yin yang symbol, perfectly symmetrical? 69, not so much in text but handwritten with beautiful curves. So how does this relate to health and wealth? Well chances are you don’t fall in love with […]
May 3, 2014

What legacy do you want to leave behind? How BIG are you thinking?

Granted I’ve never had children but I’d happily give a lung to my 7 yo nephew who has a lung condition making him 1/100 in Australia with mortality high into his 30’s (after that things get easier apparently). & 10 yrs ago last month my little brother took his own life. Yes life throws curve balls at us to see how […]
March 19, 2014

17th share

Hi guys, The new clip is up on the website www.yourmoneymistress.com and hopefully you get a couple of pointers out of it although it is of course a marketing tool. I’m going overseas to the USA in May so if you have any ideas of where I may be able to do a speaking gig please let me know. Now just […]