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March 23, 2011

lesson 38: Think BIG!!

It’s a quickie this week as I try to get 2 websites with resources up for you. Thinking about the BIG picture (ie the planet, climate change, third world countries and mother nature’s wrath) will help you save money. How so? Well, do you really need that new item of clothing? When your mind is concentrating on making the world […]
March 7, 2011

lesson 37: Your success & status symbol

A couple of weeks ago there was an article on news.com about BMW chasing people who could not afford their $1000/wk repayments. There were comments from readers saying it was the car purchaser’s own fault, as well as comments about the cost of cars in Australia compared to overseas and how people perceived others as successful. Well how about writing […]
February 16, 2011

lesson 36: sexually transmitted Debt

With Valentine’s Day love lingering in the air, don’t forget that STDs (sexually transmitted debt) can be worse than catching an STI (sexually transmitted infection). STIs can generally be fixed with a short course of antibiotics but signing on the line with your loved one for a large loan, could backfire for years to come if you break up. Always […]
January 28, 2011

lesson 35: New year already gone

Recently I went to my 1st Toastmasters meeting for the year and our warm up, introduction exercise was to stand up and say what our New Year resolutions were. I wasn’t the only one who said I don’t make New Year resolutions. Rather I like to live every day as if it’s an exciting adventure, with healthy habits that I […]